Substance Abuse

Substance use disorders are serious and on the rise in some cities around the United States. At our clinic, we are staffed with a knowledgeable staff that seeks to treat substance abuse from a psychiatric and therapeutic perspective. We understand that oftentimes, substance abuse is done to self-medicate due to untreated psychiatric illness. That is why as important as it is to seek addiction treatment, it is equally important to seek psychiatric and psychological treatment. At Core Psych, PLLC, we provide addiction treatment for common substance use disorders, but also focus on creating a supportive environment and a peer network between our substance abuse patients. We offer the following:

Group therapy

  • These groups meet every two weeks and consists of patients in recovery and who may or may not be on medication assisted treatment for substance use disorder.

Individual counseling and therapy

  • We offer one-on-one therapy or counseling for patient struggling with substance abuse or who are in recovery. You can meet with your therapist weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs and therapist recommendations.

Psychiatric services for dual diagnoses

  • It is recommended that you meet with our psychiatrist as needed to ensure your medications are effective, up to date, and that your psychiatric illness is improving. We want to make sure that while you are recovering from addiction, that your expected mood fluctuations are being monitored and treated appropriately.

Medication assisted treatment, including but not limited to Suboxone therapy

  • At Core Psych, PLLC, we offer medication assisted treatment for substance use disorders. One example of medication assisted treatment is Suboxone for opioid use disorder. We also have options for cannabis use disorder, benzodiazepine use disorder, and alcohol use disorder. This list is not exhaustive and we recommend you call and make an appointment to discuss your options with our psychiatrist and trained staff members.