About Us

Core Psych, PLLC is an integrative mental health clinic, with psychology and psychiatry at the core of our services. Our clinic provides a safe, relaxing, and culturally competent environment. Our mental health services include psychiatric and psychological assessments, testing, and interventions. We also provide treatment for substance use disorders (addiction) and those in early recovery. We accept most private and state insurance companies. Our clinic specializes in mild to moderate mental health problems and we do a thorough screening prior to accepting new patients in order to ensure that we can assist you. If we are unable to provide services, we will refer to an appropriate clinic. 

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Shady Shebak, MD

Psychiatrist & Medical Director

Shady Shebak graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 2008 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology. He went to medical school at the American University of the Caribbean and received his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 2013.

He trained in general psychiatry at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Michigan State University, with year training in child and adolescent psychiatry. He has extensive inpatient and outpatient clinical psychiatric training and experience.

His career interests include treating adolescents and young adults, mood disorders, and personality disorders. He is also interested in culturally appropriate mental health care and education and is involved in several grassroots and academic efforts to teach and provide such services.

He has presented at several regional and national academic conferences on topics including, but not limited to cultural competency, narrative learning theory, and medical education.

Medical Staff

Youssef Makki, PMHNP
Chief of Staff and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Youssef began his journey in mental health as a social worker with a Bachelor in Social Work from Wayne State University, before becoming a nurse. He graduated with a nursing degree from Madonna University and then a Masters in Nursing with psychiatric specialty from Northern Kentucky University. He worked in a group home for the developmentally disabled population. As a registered nurse the experience broadened his passion for psychiatry. While a graduate student he completed his practicum experience at Core Psych. He hopes to further his education and skill in nursing by pursing a Doctorate in Nursing. Youssef spends his leisure time gardening and spending time with his wife.


Therapy Staff

Heba Dabaja, LLMSW
Chief of Staff, Therapy and Therapist
Heba volunteered at Beaumont Hospital in the OR department. She interned with psychologists and other social workers in school and hospital settings. She is an advocate for mental health and proper patient care. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Michigan- Dearborn and later went on to complete a Masters of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health and Interpersonal Practice from University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. She strives to encourage people to accept mental health and treatments without the taboo. She trains and orients all new interns and creates new strategies for therapy patients. She enjoys traveling during time off and spending time with her family.

Zeinab Zahreldin, LMSW
Clinical Supervisor, Director of Education and Therapist
Zeinab spent time practicing her skills in underprivileged communities, geriatric facilities and hospital settings. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Michigan-Dearborn. After graduation to continued her education and earned a Masters of Social Work with a concentration in clinical CBT from Wayne State University. She provides up and coming therapists that rotate at Core Psych with perspective and guidance on case management, diagnosis and therapy modalities. She is passionate to aid people to live a better lifestyle that is healthy and balanced. When is not working she spends time with her family and enjoys baking French pastries.

Saja Sobh, LLMSW
She has studied criminal justice at Wayne State University and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Saja went on to receive a degree in Social Work from Wayne State. She completed her practicum within Dearborn Public Schools where it increased her interest for assisting underprivileged individuals and family dynamics. Her goal is to deepen her understanding of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She continues to work towards removing the stigma of mental health. During her spare time Saja enjoys exercising and cooking for her family.

Samer Shebak, MS, TLLP
Clinical Psychologist
He graduated from the Michigan School of Psychology and completed his internship at Core Psych. As captain of the wrestling team in high school and college, he developed strong leadership skills, discipline and works well with a team. Working as a pharm tech he was introduced to the pharmacology of medications and how it affects mental health. Currently he works with adolescents and young children in individual or group sessions to establish coping mechanics that will develop into healthy habits later on in life. Samer conducts various types of assessments to provide more awareness about the patient's symptoms and disorders. During his time off he enjoys skateboarding and spending time with family.


Henda Albiatty, MPH
Chief of Operations

Tammy Pintus
Chief of Finance